Who wouldn’t want to go out into the wild away from the city and spend quality time with nature and its serenity and its citizens – the animals? Walking through a forest can definitely lead to some unwanted interactions but everyone loves adventure with a little bit of danger.
The most common of these interactions are those with bears, but these big creatures aren’t as dumb as shown in cartoons or movies. They are extremely strong and if tampered with, will chase you to inevitable injury or worse. A common weapon to avoid such activities is the use of a bear spray. Bear Spray Guide is an aerosol disincentive whose working ingredients are Capsaicin and derived capsaicinoids which allows the stoppage of aggressive behaviour in bears. Capsaicin, unsurprisingly, is a common ingredient in pepper sprays formulated from capsicum. So basically bear spray is pepper spray for bears. Here’s a short guide with all the basics.


So do you know how does your weapon work? What effect it has on the grizzly?
The aerosol discharges a micronized spray pattern up to a distance of 8 metres. It is suggested to spray the product at the shortest distance. In order to maximize the effect, the target areas should be the eyes and nose. After that, the spray results in swelling in the lungs, eyes, and nose of the bear. This causes complete, yet temporary blindness to the bear and Constraints in breathing and provides time to run away.


  1. Hold the can with both hands, pointing toward the approaching animal.
  2. Remove the safety key, only when it is required and use the thumb to spray.
  3. Keep in mind the direction of the wind, otherwise, the product would come back to you and you wouldn’t want that!
  4. Aim the can slightly above his head, so that gravity does its magic.
  5. Only spray the product for about 2-3 seconds at a suitable distance as more applications may be required.
  6. As the bear tries to regain his controls, do not run from the location but instead walk to a safer place.


Several characteristics should be taken into account when purchasing a bear spray guide to ensure that the health of the bear and the individual are not in any form of danger.



  • Concentration: Capsaicin concentration should be about 0.8% – 2% along with active capsaicinoids.
  • Container: An ideal container size would be about 220 grams or 8 ounces net weight.
  • Spray Type: It is important to note that the sprayer should not be too precise and it should be of cloud or cone pattern.
  • Type: It is not necessary that if it says “pepper spray”, it’s alright to use it. The usage of a ‘bear deterrent spray’ is of utmost importance.
  • Shelf Life: An expired product can be dangerous for the bear and for the person so ensure the product has a shelf life of at least 4 years after purchase.
  • Certification: It is also important to note that using bear sprays isn’t legal in most parts of the world, thus it is essential to buy a bear spray from a well-established company.



  1. Bear spray being aerosol is found to be highly explosive.
  2. Ensure that the safety key is always in place when travelling. It should be kept only in a sealed container.
  3. Always clean up bear spray residue on personal items using white vinegar.
  4. Never wear contact lenses during use.
  5. Replace your can if it has been used, expired or left in extreme temperatures.

    All in all, bear sprays are great precautionary measures in case of an attack. Proper education regarding the use of such sprays is essential. Never to allow children to play with such type of sprays and always keep one when fishing! Have fun!