Sports are best at building a team spirit in youngsters. They make them perfect in decision making and are thus able to take the right decision at the right time. Sports make them self disciplined and are perfect in time management. There is numerous sports game but most of them use the ball as a tool. For instance, cricket, football, hockey, volleyball, tennis all these involve the use of the ball. However, the balls used in each game vary in size and manufacturing. These balls are used by kids to youngsters. There are people who have made records relating to balls only, some people like collecting different types of balls and thus they create a wide collection also.

Types of balls

Balls have varying uses as they can be used in the exercise, they are also used in several scientific experiments and are also used for decoration purpose.


In certain parts of the world, football is termed as soccer ball but the which involves the use of soccer balls vary from football, in that game the ball is passed without using the foot. Football is generally made up of rubber material which is good at bouncing and this will improve the game of the player. It has three layers of latex, polyester and synthetic leather which goes from inside to outside. It is a larger form of a ball.


Basketball is generally harder than any other form of a ball. It has several layers, generally used in basket games. It is a dark orangish ball with black linings on it. The size of basketball varies from one club to another.

Water polo ballBest Reactive Ball

Water polo ball is a larger ball but is famous for its grip, as the game needs the player to hold it in one hand so this bright yellow colored ball is helpful for the player.

Volly ball

Volly ball has sewing on the outer surface but it is different from football as there the sewing is in the form of patches on the outer surface whereas here in the valley ball they include broad strips. This ball is lighter in weight and the pressure in it is also less.

Rugby ball

The ball is slightly different from other balls as it is not spherical however it is void.  It consists of different color full logos and designs on its outer surface.

These different types of balls are used in different games but do you the construction of balls is not an easy task.

Bowling ball

You must have heard about bowling game, a game which involves the hitting of bowling spins with a large hard ball that is called the bowling ball. This ball is constructed in a different manner as compared to other balls. Depending upon the type of bowling game the design of the ball differs like some have holes for fingers and thumb while others don’t have. Usually, these balls consist of two parts namely cover stock and weight block. The materials used are plastic, urethane and reactive resins.

Best Reactive Ball is one which has strong hook potential, in this category balls have a variety. Players can choose them as per their practice in the game as beginners generally play with plastic balls.